Operation Theatre

Operation Theatre

MHMNC has ultra-modern operation theatres to support the needs of the patients. The latest technology is visible in the imported operating table & operating lights. The wide range of OT equipment includes C-arm, Laproscopy, Anaesthesia, Ventilators, Datascope etc.

24-hours Diagnostic Services

Sophisticated and ultra modern technology is very essential for the delivery of quality treatment and MHMNC offers the latest diagnostic services like Colour Doppler, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Treadmill, ECG, X-Ray, E.E.G., E.M.G. N.C.V., Endoscopy to aid in speedy and accurate diagnosis.

Apart from the above MHMNC boasts of fully equipped and ultra-modern radiology and pathology department with the aim of forging links between medicine and science to improve the detection and treatment of diseases.

Availability of wide spectrum of routine as well as special tests and strict maintenance of day-to-day quality control  are the special features.

Manidhari Hospital and Laboratory in Jodhpur

Intensive Care unit

Trained and skilled medical, nursing and paramedical staff. 5 bed with ventilators (adult and pediatric), defibrillators, central monitoring system, infusion pumps, centralized gas supply system, halter recording etc.

CCU is capable of handling all sorts of noncardiac emergencies like acute neurological emergencies, acute ventilator failures, postoperative medical emergencies etc.

24-hours Emergency Services

MHMNC has well designed & fully equipped Casualty  and Emergency ward that is managed by a team Casualty Medical officers who are well supported by specialists in all medical disciplines. MHMNC has  advanced & sophisticated casualty andemergency management system that can manage cardiac emergencies, stroke, trauma and industrial accidents.

An ambulance manned by trained paramedics wil be on call for 24 hours with facilities like portable ventilators, suction apparatus, oxygen etc.

24 7 Emergency Service
Manidhari Hospital Premium Room Facilities

Premium Facilities

For prime comfort of the patients according to their needs with all amenities like LED/LCD TV’s, Fridge, Pantry, telephone and internet facility, in house cafeteria etc.

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MHMNC comprises diverse specialities & combines the talents of medical,surgical specialities and highly trained nursing, allied health, paramedical, technical and administrative personnel for more efficient diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.


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